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01/06/19   "Happy New Year"                                                    "If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again?"

01/13/19   "Paul's Concern For The Lost"                                  "Love And Benevolence"  

01/20/19   "God Uses Water To Divide Good From Evil"            "Lessons From Barnabas" 

01/27/19   "Teaching Half Truth Is Like Telling A Lie"                "How Do We Handle The" Golden Years?

02/03/19   "The Three "R's" Of Religion"                                    "Farther Along" 

02/10/19   "Blaming God For Your Woes"                                  "Hold Your Head Up High"

02/17/19   "Choice: Apostasy Or Endurance?"                            "John Describes Christ's" Disciples"

02/24/19   "God's Love Is Seen In His Plan Of Salvation"          "God Still Rules In His World"

03/03/19   "Are You Ashamed / Not Ashamed?"                        "The Joy Of Christian Fellowship"

03/10/19   "Glorifying God"                                                        "Defeating God's Purpose"

03/17/19   "Complete Trust In God"                                            "A Study Of Foot Washing"

03/24/19   " 'I Am's' Of John 10"                                                   "Never Man Spake Like This"

03/31/19   "Crucial Questions That Must Be Answered" #1         "Crucial Questions That Must Be Answered" #2

04/07/19   "Obedience To God"                                                 "Our Unsparing God"

04/21/19   "Paul's Pursuit Of The Christian Life"                          "Paul And The Scriptures" 

04/28/19   "Standing For What Is Right"                                      "Spiritual Gifts"

05/05/19   "Salvation By Grace"       

05/12/19   "Did You Really Put On Christ?"                                 "A Glimpse Of Gratitude"     

05/19/19   "Our Pleas Are Christ Centered"                                   "Paul's Opposition To The Party Spirit"  

05/26/19   "John, The Judgment, And The Great Invitation"       "Jesus ---- Teacher Beyond Compare"   

06/02/19   "A Study Of Obedience"                                               "Priorities Of Love"    

06/09/19   "Who Are We?"                                                            "Who Is The Greatest?"  

06/16/19   "We Will Not Forsake God's House"                               "What Is Thy Name?"

06/23/19   "The Demons Also Believe And Shudder"                   "Things God Does Not Expect"        

06/30/19   "That Which Really Matters"                                        "Thinking That Leads To Heaven"

07/07/19   "Some Folks Cannot Be Saved"                                  "Spiritual Contentment"

07/14/19                                                                                       "A Man's Growth Toward God" 

07/21/19   "Lessons From The Life Of Abraham" #1                     "Lessons From The Life Of Abraham" #2

07/28/19                                                                                      "Nothing But Leaves"

08/04/19   "Changes In The Law Of Our Land"                            "Ebedmelech, The Ethiopian"

08/11/19   "Clay In The Potter's Hands" #1                                    "Clay In The Potter's Hands" #2

08/18/19   "Biblical Authority" #1                                                 "Biblical Authority" #2

08/25/19   "Launch Out Into The Deep"                                       "Christ Is The Answer"

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