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01/07/18   "Resolutions From Hebrews"                                    "Godliness"  
01/14/18   "Tragedy Of False Preaching"                                 "The Two Debtors"
01/21/18   "The Sunday Morning Only Christian Misses..."       "The Virgin Birth Of Jesus"
01/28/18   "A Healthy Respect For Jehovah God"                    "Do You Own Your Heart?"
02/04/18   "The Worship" #1                                                    "Forbidden Trees"
02/11/18   "The Preaching" #2                                                "A Place Called Heaven" #1
02/18/18   "The Singing" #3                                                    "No Sadness In Heaven" #2
02/25/18   "The Lord's Supper" #4                                           "Recognition In Heaven" #3
03/04/18   "The Collection" #5                                                "Things Which Will And Will Not Be In Heaven" #4
03/11/18   "The Prayer" #6                                                      "The Lively Hope"
03/18/18   "If Christ Had Not Come"                                          "Is It Lawful To Give Tribute Unto Caesar?"
03/25/18   "So Close, Yet So Far"                                            "Jesus Wept"
04/01/18   "What Crucified Jesus?"                                           "A Study Of Pilate"
04/08/18   "God Said" [Part 1]                                                 "God Said" [ Part 2]
04/15/18   "If Ye Abide In My Word..."                                     "Grow In Grace"
04/22/18   "Why These Things Are Written" #1                        "Full Of Joy" #2
04/29/18   "Why Be A Christian?" #3                                       "John's Message On Youth" #4
05/06/18   "Why Brethren 'Go Out' From Among Us" #5            "You Know The Truth" #6
05/13/18   "Confidence ... At His Coming" #7                          "Power To Purify --- No.1" #8
05/20/18   "Power To Purify ---No. 2" #9                                  "Victory Through Faith" #10
05/27/18   "How Can One Know He Is" Saved? #11                 "The Cross Of Christ" 
06/03/18   "Making Wrong Reservations"                                 "Things Christ Provides"
06/10/18   "Miraculous Healing Of The Man Born Blind"        "The Thief On The Cross"
06/17/18   "They Made Light Of It"                                         "Keeping The Church Pure"
06/24/18   "The Church -- In Prophecy And Fulfillment" #1     "The Church -- In Prophecy And Fulfillment" #2
07/01/18   "Characters From The Book Of James" #1              "Characters From The Book Of James" #2
07/08/18   "Characters From The Book Of James" #3               "Characters From The Book Of James" #4
07/15/18   "A New Creature In Jesus"                                      "A Study Of Melchizedek"
07/22/18   "Be Strong And Work"                                            "Can One Qualify Himself To Oversee The Flock?"
07/29/18   "Contentment"                                                       "The Glorious Church"
08/05/18   "Humanism And Its Fruit"                                       "Much Vs. Two Mites"
08/12/18   "Redemption Through Christ"                                "Wanted Persons"
08/19/18   "A Lack Of Knowledge Destroys Unity"                   "Epistle Of Christ"
08/26/18   "Converting Folks To Christ"                                   "Casting Your Care Upon The Lord"
09/02/18   "The Faithful Few"                                                 "Four Mile-Stones To Glory"
09/09/18   "Don't Give The Devil An" Opportunity                  "Filling Up Spiritually"
09/16/18   "Life From Three Perspectives"                              "The Lord's Supper"
09/23/18   "In Whom Do You Place Your Hope?"                   "Lessons From David's Life"
09/30/18   "Prepare To Meet Thy God"                                  "Paul Preached Unity In Every City"
10/14/18   "The Gospel"                                                         "It Is Great To Be A Christian"
10/21/18   "The Popularity Seeker"                                        "Prayers The Lord Will Accept"
10/28/18   "More Than Conquerors"                                       "Steadfast Christian Living"
11/04/18   "The New Life"                                                      "The Three Kingdoms"
11/11/18   "What Is Wrong With The Gospel?"                       "Things That Accompany Salvation"
12/02/18   "Weighing Christ And The World"                          "How Can I Know Right From Wrong?"
12/09/18   "What Is Your Conception Of The Church?"          "What Do Ye More Than Others?"
12/16/18   "What The Church Must Do To Be Saved"            "Why Jesus Was Baptized"
12/30/18   "Come Thou With Us, And We Will Do Thee Good"  "Eight Crosses One Must Bear"
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