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01/01/17   "Opportunities, Dangers, And Resolutions For 2017"   "How God Is Glorified By An Experiment" (J. Robertson)

01/08/17   "Accepting Folks As They Are"                                  "A Goal Greater Than Our Differences" 

01/15/17   "Consequences Of Forgetting God"                          "Are There Disadvantages To Being A Christian?"

01/22/17   "Liberty"                                                                  "Life's Sweetest Words"

01/29/17   "Does Everyone Have The Right To His Own Belief?"      "Why Jesus Had To Die"

02/05/17   "False Teaching Regarding The Lord's Supper"      "The Nature Of God"

02/12/17  "The Enigma Of The Cross"                                     "Can A Christian 'Testify' And" "Witness' For Christ?"

02/19/17   "Biblical Unity And Fellowship"                              "Claims Of Deity From The Book Of John"

02/26/17   "The Christian's Responsibility To Grow In Knowledge"  "Putting A Mirror To Use"

03/05/17   "Refuse The Evil And Choose The Good"               "Reasons For Doing Missionary Work"

03/12/17   "Source Of Authority ---The Gospel"                       "The Prayer Of Example"

03/19/17   "That Ye Shall Follow In His Steps"                       "Sign Seeking Rebuked"

03/26/17   "The Judgment Bar All Will Face"                         "Joy Of Serving God"

04/09/17   "Separated Unto The Gospel Of God"                   "Such As I Have"

04/16/17   "Easter' And The Resurrection"                                "Nothing"

04/30/17   "Free Yourself From Prison"                                    "Sennacherib's Boastful Taunt"

05/07/17   "One Who Has Been Born Again"                           "Belonging To The Lord"

05/14/17   "Living By Faith" #3                                                "Consecrated To God" #4

05/21/17   "Gaurded By The Power Of God" #5                        "Greatest Love Story Ever Told" 

05/28/17   "Temptation"                                                           "The Christian Conflict"

06/04/17   "Four Tremendous Questions"                                  "Lessons From Paul's Conversion" 

06/11/17   "In The Name Of Jesus Christ"                                 "In The Lord's Army"

06/18/17   "The Blood Of Christ"                                              "Abounding In The Work Of The Lord"

07/02/17   "Questions About The Holy Spirit"                           "How God Prepares Us To Be Workers"

07/09/17   "The Holy Spirit In Conversion"                                "A Study Of Repentance"

07/16/17   "Lessons From Matthew 24"                                     "A Study Of Confession"

07/23/17   "Hearts Full Of The Wrong Kind Of Love"                "The Essentiality Of Baptism"

07/30/17   "A Great Cloud Of Witnesses"                                   "Just How Foolish To Satan?" 

08/06/17   "Noah's Ark A Type Of The Church"                         "They Need Not Go Away"
08/13/17   "Threefold Nature Of The Gospel"                           "The Unique Christian Virtue"
08/20/17   "Some Things A Blind Man Saw"                             "The Hearing And Doing Seat" 
08/27/17   "What Shall It Profit...."                                            "Salvation By Grace"
09/03/17   "The Church In The Book Of Ephesians"                  "A Study Of Temperance"
09/10/17   "How Do I Stand With God?"                                    "Maintaining Christian Character"
09/17/17   "The Gospel Armor" #1                                            "Is It Not 'Chicken' To Say No?"
09/24/17   "The Girdle Of Truth" #2                                          "Remembering Jesus" 
10/01/17   "The Breastplate Of Righteousness" #3                    "Finally Brethren -- A Study Of Paul's Writings" 
10/08/17   "The Gospel Of Peace"  #4                                      "Rules For Happiness"
10/15/17   "The Shield Of Faith" #5                                          "God's Definition Of A Christian"
10/22/17   "The Helmet Of Salvation" #6                                  "Conquering Theives That Rob Us Of Joy"
10/29/17   "The Sword Of The Spirit" #7                                   "Joseph's Temptations"
11/05/17   "Prayer And Supplication" #8                                   "The Downfall Of Gehazi"
11/12/17   "If Thou Doest Well, Shall Thou Not Be Accepted?" "Displaying Our Banner"
12/03/17  "Church Robbers On The Prowl"                               "Consider The Lilies"
12/10/17   "Dare To Be A Daniel"                                             "We Sow And We Reap"
12/24/17   "Five Great Bible Truths"                                         "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream"
12/31/17   "The Way Home"                                                     "Paul's Visit To The Third Heaven"
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