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01/03/16   "Are Ye Holy"                                                           "Giving God An Opportunity"

01/10/16   "Men Needed In The Lord's Church"                        "What Must I Do To Remain Saved?"

01/17/16   "Why We Believe In The Church of Christ"               "By This Shall All Men Know Ye Are My Disciples"

01/24/16   "The Relation Of Christ To His Church"                    "The Distinctiveness Of Christianity"

01/31/16   "The Church - Pillar And Ground Of The Truth"       "God's Cure For Worry"

02/07/16   "God's Answer To Man's Greatest Question"             "God's Justice Demands The Judgment"

02/14/16   "Reasons Why Folks Rejected The Christ"                  "Some Evil Christ Saw In The Lives Of People"

02/21/16   "He Who Was Wounded For Our Sins"                      "How Is Forgiveness Now Obtained?"

02/28/16   "Cornelius' Attitude In Conversion"                           "The Other Side Of The Cross"

03/06/16   "Steadfastness: A Great Need"                                 "Bringing Delight To God"

03/13/16   "Good For That Man If He Had Not Been Born"       "Good News..... The Gospel"

03/20/16   "An Unfortunate Woman"                                          "Christian In Disposition"

03/27/16   "Growth And The Church"                                        "Give Me Peace And Prosperity"

04/03/16   "Listening To Angels"                                              "Learning From Jesus How To Die"

04/10/16   "Man Can Do Biblically Correct Things And Be Lost"  "Melchezedek, A Type Of Christ"

04/17/16   "Pictures Of Life's Other Side"                                  "Preaching To The Spirits In Prison"

04/24/16   "The Worthy Name"                                                  "The Eleventh Commandment"

05/01/16   "Is The Gospel To Be Preached Only To Alien Sinners?"   "Is It Right Or Wrong?"

05/08/16  "A Bible Model Of A Godly Mother"                          "The End Of A Great Man"

05/15/16   "Christ's Tender Invitation"                                         "Christ's Parting Charge" 

05/22/16   "The Church -- The Army Of Christ"                     "The Book Of Ecclesiastes"

05/29/16   "Getting Wisdom"                                                      "A Wise Reprover"

06/05/16   "Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection" #1        "Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection" #2

06/12/16   "John's Baptism"                                                        "Humility -- A Pre-requisite To The Kingdom"

06/19/16   "My Servant Caleb"                                                  "How Shall This Be, Seeing I Know Not A Man"

06/26/16   "Man Cannot Escape"                                              "Paul ---- To Live Or To Die?"

07/03/16   "Redeeming The Time"                                           "Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth"

07/10/16   "A Prophet Or An Enchanter?"                                 "Living Soberly, Righteously, And Godly In This World"

07/17/16   "The Atoning Blood Of Jesus"                                  "The Faithfulness Of God"

07/24/16   "The Church In The Wisdom Of God"                       "A Study Of Temptation"

07/31/16   "Responsibilities In Christian Living"                        "Love And The New Morality"

08/07/16   "Defending And Extending The Faith"                     "How To Overcome Satan"

08/14/16   "The Spiritually Weak And Sick"                              "The Miracle At Cana"

08/21/16   "Is It Some Or The Sum Of The Matter?                  "Lessons To Learn About Our Service To God"

08/28/16   "Forsaking The House Of God"                                  Tom Willess "Jeremiah 7"

09/04/16   "Unity Through The Scriptures"                                  "Row Away From Those Rocks"

09/11/16   "Expecting The Impossible"                                      "For What Is Our Hope, Joy, Or Crown Of Rejoycing?

09/18/16   "When Faith Falters"                                                  "The Bible Is A Book On Giving"

09/25/16   "Let Us Not Be Weary In Well Doing"                        "Running With Patience"

10/09/16   "Things Centered In The Cross"                                 "A Living Sacrifice"

10/16/16   "Lessons Learned From Studying Matt. 5" #1            "Lessons Learned From Studying Matt. 5" #2

10/23/16   "Lessons Learned From Studying Matt. 6"                 "Lessons Learned From Studying Matt. 7"

11/06/16   "Sectarianism Within The Church"                            "Things That We Must Not Bring To Worship"

11/27/16   "A Study Of Morality"                                                "Moral Binding Of the "Ten Commandments""

12/04/16   "Why Make Such A Fuss Over It?"                             "Why Do Men Dread Death?"

12/11/16   "Angels As Ministering Spirits"                                  "A Study Of The Weaker Brother"

12/18/16   "A Christ Centered Life"                                            "Continuing Steadfastly"

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