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08/09/15   "A Principle That Has Not Changed"                       "Do You Know What You Want From Life?"

08/16/15   "Second Coming of Christ" #1                                 "Second Coming of Christ" #2

08/23/15   "Involvement In The Kingdom"                               "If God Be With Us, Then Why ...?"

08/30/15   "The Misunderstood Christ"                                     "Thinking That Is Devouring Us" 

09/06/15   "Areas Of Christian Duty"                                         "The Nature Of Angels"

09/13/15   "Great Men In Wrong Places"                                  "Converting The Wayward"

09/20/15   "Inclusion And Exclusion"                                        "Degrees Of Reward And Punishment"

09/27/15   "Be Ye Separate"                                                    "Christ In Prophecy And Fulfillment"

10/04/15   "Hell And The Truth About It"                                 "Importance Of Teaching"

10/11/15   "Enemies Of The Cross"                                          "Lessons From A Tree"

10/25/15   "They Lost Their Bibles"                                         "Religion That Takes The Joy Out Of Life"

11/01/15   "Wanting To Be Like Others Leads To Ruin" #1      "Wanting To Be Like Others Leads To Ruin" #2  

11/08/15   "What Is An Evangelist?"                                        "Why Beholdest Thou The Mote?"  

11/15/15   "The Stewardship Of Our Children"                        "They Hated Me Without A Cause"

11/22/15   "The Day Of Judgment"                                         "The Walk To Emmaus"

11/29/18   "Do You Worship The Devil?"                                "Do Not Be Ignorant Of Satan's Devices" 

12/06/15   "He Went Away Sorrowful"                                     "Remember Lot's Wife"

12/13/15   "Suffering And Salvation"                                      "Saved By Water"

12/20/15   "When A Cross Is Not A Cross"                                "The Christian's Estate"

12/27/15   "All Change Is Not Bad"                                         "A Noble Service"



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