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01/05/14   "What About 2014?"                                                "Some Keys To Spiritual Growth"

01/12/14   "What's Righ With The Church?"                              "Lessons From Haggai" #1

01/19/14   "What Is Your Mental Image Of God?"                      "Lessons From Haggai" #2

01/26/14   "The Unjust Steward"                                               "Lessons From Haggai" #3

02/02/14   "The Gospel Of Peace"                                            "Parable Of The Tares"

02/09/14   "The Rich Young Ruler"                                            "Causes Of Religious Division" 

02/16/14   "If You Love Me..."                                                   "What Must The Church Do To Be Saved?"

02/23/14   "Greatness of Matthew"                                            "What Must The Church Do To Be Saved?" #2

03/02/14   "Lord Increase Our Faith"                                         "What Must The Church Do To Be Saved?" #3

03/09/14   "The Unwritten Gospel"                                            "The Leadership of Nehemiah" 

03/16/14   "Prove All Things"             

03/23/14  "The Cross of Christ in Color"                                    "The Leadership of Nehemiah" #2     

03/30/14   "He Came To Himself"                                              "The Leadership of Nehemiah" #3    

04/13/14   "Parable of The Great Supper"                                 "The Christian's Walk"   

04/20/14   "Where Are You?"                                                     "Victories of Faith"   

04/27/14   "There Is Only One Way"                                          "As Christian Soldiers-We Must Defend The Faith" 

05/04/14   "Faith"                                                                        "Organization of The Church"

05/11/14   "Tribute To Mothers"                                                 "Preaching The Gospel Of Christ" 

05/18/14   "The Power of God's Word"                                       "Is Bible Study Important?"

05/25/14   "Looking At The Lord's Supper"                                "Restoring New Testament Zeal"

06/01/14   "Judge Not"                                                              "Strange Things To Our Ears"

06/08/14   "What Is This Thou Hast Done?"                               "The Shepherd And His Sheep"

06/15/14   "Fathers, What Shall We Teach Our Children?"        "The Role of Women in The Worship Service"

06/22/14   "By What Authority?"                                                 "What Made The Early Church Successful?"

06/29/14   "God's Purpose For The Church"                              "Do You Possess The Spirit of Christ?"

07/06/14   "Ye Shall Be Free Indeed"                                       "The Unchanging Christ" 

07/13/14   "How Can We Win Over Sin?"                                  "Discipline Strengthens The Family"

07/20/14   "I Must Be About My Father's Business"                     "One Of If Not Our Greatest Danger"

07/27/14   "God's Challenges To You"                                      "Aaron The High Priest A Type of Christ Our High Priest"

08/10/14   "Did Christ Die In Vain?" #1                                     "Did Christ Die In Vain?" #2

08/17/14   "The Power of Example"                                         "Holiness"

08/24/14   "Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage"                          "We Ought To Live Holy Lives"

08/31/14   "Which Baptism?"                                                   "Some Great Lessons From Habakkuk"

09/07/14   "And When Jesus Was Baptized..."                         "Some Great Lessons From Habakkuk" #2

09/14/14   "Cross Centered Religion"                                      "What Does Your Future Hold?"

09/28/14   "The Value of Truth"

10/05/14   "The Prodigal Son" (Tom House)                            "Questions & Answers"

10/12/14   "Accepting Personal Responsibility"                         "I John 1:7 & The Struggle With Sin" 

10/19/14   "Expecting The Impossible"                                    "Questions & Answers" #2

11/02/14   "Living For Christ & The Book of Hebrews"              "Questions & Answers" #3

11/09/14   "A Christian Just Like Paul"                                     "Who May Abide The Day of His Coming?"

11/16/14   "Lest Satan Should Get An Advantage of Us"         "Applications From Malachi" 

11/23/14   "Tools Of The Devil" #1

11/30/14   "Tools Of The Devil" #2                                          "Ingratitude"

12/07/14   "Tools Of The Devil" #3

12/14/14   "Tools Of The Devil" #4                                          "The Bases Of Fellowship"

12/21/14   "Forsaking Christ"                                                    "What Is Involved In Unity?"

12/28/14   "A New Year Reminds Me... "                                 

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