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01/06/13   "Today"                                                                    Survey of Luke 

01/13/13   "Some Lessons From Lies"                                       Survey of John 

01/20/13   "The Voice Of The Son Of God"                               Survey of Acts

01/27/13   "Why Tarriest Thou?"                                               Survey of Romans

02/03/13   "Judgment Day Surprises!"                                       Survey of I Corrinthians

02/10/13   "Getting A New Start In Life"                                     Survey of II Corinthians 

02/17/13   "What Do You Remember About Christ?                  Survey of Galatians

03/03/13   "God Demands Obedience"                                     Survey of Ephesians

03/10/13   "We Are Fools For Christ's Sake"                               Survey of Philippians

03/17/13   "Return To The Old Paths"                                       Survey of Colossians

03/24/13   "The Power Of Love"                                                Survey of I Thessalonians

03/31/13   "Taking Christ As He Is"                                             Survey of II Thessalonians

04/14/13   "There Is Only One Way"                                          Survey of I Timothy 

04/21/13   "Why Worship God?"                                                 Survey of II Timothy

04/28/13   "Elisha The Man Of God"                                         Bible Questions & Answers

05/05/13   "Past, Present, Future"   

05/12/13   "The Christian Mother"                                             Survey of Titus & Philemon    

05/19/13   "Potential Dangers"                                                  Survey of Titus & Philemon #2

05/26/13   "Danger & Death In Delay"                                       Survey of Hebrews

06/02/13   "How To Measure Your Soul"                                   Survey of Hebrews #2

06/09/13   "What Does America Need?"                                    Survey of I Peter

06/16/13   "Wanted: Godly Fathers"                                           Survey of I Peter #2

06/23/13   "Drawing Nigh To God"                                             Survey of II Peter

06/30/13   "There's An Eye Watching You!"                               Survey of II Peter #2

07/07/13   "Wisdom Is The Principal Thing"                              Survey of I John

07/14/13   "The Disciples Were Called Christians"                     Survey of I John #2 

07/21/13   "God's Definition of a Fool"                                      Survey of 2 John

07/28/13   "God's Definition of a Fool" #2                                 Survey of 3 John

08/11/13   "The Penetrating Power of The Gospel"                  Survey of Jude 

08/18/13   "A Mature Christian"                                                 Survey of Jude #2

08/25/13   "Productive Living"                                                   Survey of Revelation #1  

09/01/13   "Productive Living"                                                   Survey of Revelation #2 

09/08/13   "Needed Reminders From John"                              Survey of Revelation #3

09/22/13   "From The Beginning To The End"                         Survey of Revelation #4

09/29/13   "What The Blind Man Saw"                                      Survey of Revelation #5

10/13/13   "What The Blind Man Saw" #2                                Survey of Revelation #6

10/27/13   "What Is The Christian Life?"                                    "Our Choices" 

11/03/13   "Handle With Care"                                                  "Variety of Questions Answered"

11/10/13   "What Brotherly Love Will Cause You To Do"          "What About Hand Clapping?"

11/17/13   "Heavenly Citizenship"                                            "Objectives of Works"

11/24/13   "Ingratitude"                                                             "Too Busy Here And There" 

12/01/13   "One In Christ By Baptism"                                       "Why Many Christians Are Not Faithful"

12/08/13   "Jesus Is The Reason For ... "                                  "Keeping Before Us"

12/15/13   "Almost Thou Persuadest Me To Be A Christian"     "The Vine And The Branches"

12/22/13  "Does It Really Matter?"                                          "The Correct View Of The Church"

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