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7/22/07           These Things Are True (J. Burns)                  God Is Righteous (J. Burns)
9/23/07           Honesty (J. Burns)                                         The Whole Creation Groaneth (C. Little)
9/30/07           Things We Must Persue (R. Hull)                    A Study On Preaching (G. Bassham)
10/07/07         The Authority Of Scriptures (C. Little)           Man And God (J. Burns)
10/14/07         New Creature (R. Hull)                                  The Chosen (G. Bassham)
10/28/07        Why Do The Wicked Live? (J. Burns)               Moments In Life (R. Tracy)
11/04/07        The Temptations Of Jesus (R. Hull)               A Warning To The Church At Pergamum (C. Little)
11/11/07        The Woman Caught In Adultery (C. Little)     The Purpose Of The Church (J. Burns)
11/18/07        Did Christ Die In Vain? (R. Hull)                    The Church (G. Bassham)
11/25/07        Ezra's Example (J. Burns)                              The Conversion Of Cornelius (C. Little)

02/03/08        Wiser Than The Children Of Light (R. Hull)   The Kingdom (C. Little)
04/13/08        Marshall Keeble (R. Hull)                               What Went Ye Out To See?
05/18/08        Reasonable Service (J. Burns)                        Matthew 24 (C. Little)
06/01/08        God? (G. Bassham)                                         The Kingdom Prophecy Fulfilled (C. Little)
07/20/08        Cooperation (J. Burns)                                     Backsliding (C. Little)
11/09/08        Why Is Jesus Coming Again? (R. Hull)            Is Flesh Sinful? (C. Little) 
The Nails Of The Cross (R. Hull)                     A Biography Of Men (G. Bassham)
8/09/09          The Loneliness Of Christ (R. Hull)
09/20/09        Be Not Ignorant (J. Burns)                              The Pattern (C. Little)
10/18/09        The Resurection Of Christ (C. Little)               Your Enemy (J. Burns)
11/01/09        The Root Of Bitterness (R. Hull)                      Do Not Turn Back (C. Little)
11/15/09        Salvation (J. Bruns)                                         Will Our Nation Fall? (G. Bassham)
12/20/09        Christ, God's Gift To Mankind (C. Little)          The Bugel Call (R. Hull)  
02/07/10        What Will We Be Judged By? (R. Hull)            The Consequences Of Sin! (J. Burns)
03/28/10       The Contrite Heart (C. Little)                           God Knows Us (J. Burns)
05/02/10        What Does It Mean To Be Called A Christian?(C. Little) Preaching To The Choir (G. Bassham)
06/06/10        The Wrong Way (J. Burns)                                The Final Exam (A. Sweet)
10/03/10        Barriers (J. Burns)                                              
10/17/10        Appointments We Are To Keep (R. Hull)           The Authority Of The Scriptures (C. Little)
11/14/10        Who Is Jesus? (J. Burns)                                    James, The Brother (G. Bassham)
12/26/10        Christians Only (R. Hull)                                    Departures From Scripture (C. Little)

01/16/11                                                                                 Priorities (J. Burns) 
04/10/11       Daniel And Prayer (R. Hull)                                Hearing And Obeying (J. Burns)
05/01/11       Values (R. Hull)                                                  Keep (Joshua Burns) 
06/05/11       The Love Of God (C. Little)                               Pauline Christianity(A. Sweet)
09/25/11       Four "One Things" In The New Testament (R. Hull) Self Discovery (J. Burns)
10/16/11       The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus (C. Little)      Teaching and Preaching to Please (J. Burns)
11/06/11       The Turning Point (R. Hull)                               Without Faith It's Impossible To Please God (A. Sweet)
12/25/11       Two Lawyers Talking (J. Burns)                          Biblical Faith (D. Schor)

03/18/12       Is The Word Of The Lord Still Sweet Today? (R. Hull)
04/08/12      The Resurrection Of Christ (C. Little)                  Prophecies Concerning Jesus (A. Sweet)
05/13/12       A Great Woman                                                  The Silence Of The Scriptures 
06/10/12       Hell (C. Little)                                                     Security Of The Soul (J. Burns)
07/08/12       Are We Disciples Of Jesus?                                 The Way Of The Cross Leads Home
09/16/12       God's Scheme Of Redemption (R. Hull)              The Sword Of The Spirit (A. Sweet) 
10/21/12                                                                                  Rhetorical Questions (D. Schor)
12/23/12      Absolute Moral Truth (A. Sweet)                          Christian Influence (J. Burns)

02/24/13      Imagination (R. Hull)                                           Why Be In Christ Jesus? (J. Burns)
09/15/13      Avoiding Regrets (R. Hull)                                    Blessings And Responsibilities In The Church (J. Burns) 
10/20/13     Attitudes of Jesus And of The Pharisees (C. Little) Letting Your Light Shine With Attendance (A. Sweeet)
12/29/13     The Holy Spirit In The Old Testament (R. Hull)     Contraversies Of The Bible (D. Schor) 

03/16/14     Jude (R. Hull) 
09/21/14      The Spirit of Christ (Rick Hull)                                The Parable of The Househoulder (Curtis Little) 
10/26/14      Is Our God a Just God? (Curtis Little)
12/07/14                                                                                  Legalized Immorality (Alan Sweet)

02/15/15      Why Peter Failed (Rick Hull)                                Biblical Proofs (Devin Schor)
03/08/15      Nine Fundamentals of Christianity(R. Hull)          Aspects of Acceptable Worship(R. Hull)
04/19/15      The Acid Test (R. Hull)                                      
05/17/15      The Preeminent One (R. Hull)                             Dedication In Action (C. Little)
05/31/15      Are You Listening to God? (J. Burns)                    The Confidence Christians Should Have (C. Little) 
06/21/15     Communication of The Holy Spirit (R. Hull)           What Really Impresses Our Lord (C. Little)
07/05/15    Christians Responsibility to Spread The Gospel (S. Paden)  Counting The Cost (C. Little)
07/12/15    Spiritual Discipline (J. Burns)                                 They Died For Their Faith (C. Little)
07/19/15     Bitter And Sweet In The Lord's Supper (R. Hull)     Only Through Christ (A. Sweet) 
07/26/15     Jonah's Attitude (C. Little)                                      King Asa (R. Hull) 
10/18/15     The Sin At Ai (C. Little)                                          Drawing Nigh To God (C. Little)

10/02/16     The Message Will Not Change (J. Burns)                The Blood Of Christ (A. Sweet)
10/30/16     Exposition Of 1 Cor. 15 (R. Hull)                              Under The Sun Eccl. 1:3-9 (D. Schor)
11/13/16     Spiritual Warefare Is Real (J. Burns)                        Some Stimulations Of Authentic Christianity (R. Hull)
11/20/16     God's Pattern (D. Schor)                                          Walking In Newness Of Life (A. Sweet)                            
12/25/16     Identification Of Jesus Christ (J. Burns)                   Significant Numbers In The Bible (D. Schor)

04/02/17     Don"t Doubt God (J. Burns)                                     Obedience Leads To Salvation (R. Brown)
06/25/17     Living By Faith (Devin Schor)                                  God's Greatest Gift To Mankind (Roger Brown)
11/19/17     Are You Drifting? (John Burns)                                 Defilement Comes From Within (Alan Sweet)
11/26/17                                                                                     The Only Christians (Roger Brown) 
12/17/17    The Sins Of Intemperance (John Burns)                   Fight Ye Not Against God (Devin Schor) 

10/07/18    Be Ye Perfect (Devin Schor)                                    Can You Be A Barnabas? (Roger Brown)
11/18/18    Lessons From Titus #1 (Roger Brown)                       Lessons From Titus #2 (Roger Brown) 
11/25/18    The Great Divide (Devin Schor)                               The Importance Of Attending Services (Alan Sweet)
12/23/18    What Was The Question? (Roger Brown)                  Test Your Faith (Devin Schor)

05/05/19                                                                                     Some Lessons From Joshua (Roger Brown)

08/30/20    Importance Of Attending Services(Alan Sweet)        Why Are We Here?(Devin Schor)

01/03/21    Decisions And Their Results (C. Little)                      Differences Between Jesus And The Pharisees (C. Little)

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