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01/03/10   "Will You Open The Door?"                                 "The All Suffinciency Of The Gospel"

01/10/10   "Importance Of Bible Study"                                "Are We Tricking Or Treating?"

01/17/10   "Do You Want To Know The Truth?"                   "Is It Against The Spirit Of Christ For the Church To Be Militant?"

01/24/10   "Are You Living For Christ?"                                "The Kind Of Women Needed In The Church"

01/31/10   "Have We Desensitized Sin?"                              "Building Up The Church Through Bible Classes"

02/14/10   "Abuses Of John 3:16"                                         "Some Crucial Decisions Of Youth"

02/21/10   "Build To Last?"                                                   "Bible Cure For Depression"

02/28/10   "Immorality"                                                        "Why Has The Backbone Been Removed?"

03/07/10   "Why Be Baptized?"                                            "What Kind Of Home Do You Want?"

03/14/10   "Believing A Lie"                                                 "Heaven"

03/21/10   "A Medley Of Questions"                                     "Some Serious Problems" #1

04/04/10   "Sin Wears A Mask"                                             "The Role Of The Husband"

04/18/10   "Where Are You"                                                 "Why Christians Should Not Drink"

04/25/10   "Peace In The Home"                                         "Why Christians Should Not Drink - Objections Answered"

05/09/10   "The Christian Challenge"                                   "Genesis" #1

05/16/10   "This Do In Rememberance Of Me"                     "Genesis" #2

05/23/10   "Things Not To Be Taken Lightly"                        "Exodus"

05/30/10   "What Doth Hinder Me From Being Baptized?"     "Exodus" #2

06/13/10   "What Baptism Will Not Do"                                  "Lessons From Leviticus"

06/20/10   "Objections To Baptism Answered"                       "Lessons From Leviticus" #2

06/27/10   "What Makes A Congregarion Great In God's Sight?"   "Numbers"

07/04/10  "Attitudes That Hinder"                                          "Numbers" #2

07/11/10   "Is It Small Matter?"                                               "Deuteronomy" #1

07/18/10   "Thou Hast Destroyed Thyself"                               "Deuteronomy" #2

08/08/10   "Thou Hast Destroyed Thyself"                               "Joshua"

08/15/10   "The Lord Will Bear Our Burdens"                          "Joshua" #2

08/22/10   "How Faith Shapes Our Morals"                              "Joshua" #3

08/29/10   "Peter's Second Conversion"                                   "Joshua" #4

09/05/10   "Can Worship Be Unacceptable?"                           "Consequences & Cures For Poor Leadership"

09/12/10   "Satan's Tool Of Destruction"                                  "Judges"

09/19/10   "The Need For Courage"                                         "Judges" #2

09/26/10   "Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ"       "Ruth"

10/10/10                                                                                   "1st Samuel"

10/24/10   "Why Are We Losing Our Young?"                           "1st Samuel" #2

10/31/10   "Take Heed How & What You Hear"                        "1st Samuel" #3

11/07/10   "Conversion"                                                            "2nd Samuel"

11/21/10   "Baptism"                                                                "1st Kings"

11/28/10   "Religion"                                                                "Book Of Samuel"

12/05/10   "If You Are Lost"                                                     "Elijah -- 1 Kings 18 & 19"

12/12/10   "Attitudes Toward The Scriptures"                          "2 Kings"

12/19/10   "Why Did Christ Come?"                                          "Lost In The House Of God"   

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