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Ivie Powell Sermons


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1/04/09          "Let This Be The Year"                               "Barnabas-A Worthy Example"

1/11/09          "The Hardest Command To Obey"             "Some Things No One Can Know"

1/18/09          "What Is The Christian Life?"                      "Some Things No Man Can Know" #2

1/25/09          "Why Many Fail To Be Saved"                   "Lessons From Judas Iscariot"

2/01/09          "What Shall I Do With Jesus?"                    "The Kind Of Men Needed"

2/08/09          "A Religion That Falls Short" #1                "The Kind Of Men Not Needed"

2/15/09          "A Religion That Falls Short" #2                "What Motivated Paul?"

2/22/09          "Who Cares For My Soul"                           "Returning Good For Evil"

3/01/09          "Some Serious Mistakes"                            "If So, Please Explain"

3/08/09          "Where Are You?"                                      "Greatest Need In The Church"

3/15/09          "Are There Miracles Today?                       "Why They Go Back" #1

3/22/09          "What Two Men Became"                          "Why They Go Back" #2

4/05/09          "The Value Of Evangelism In The Church" "Why They Go Back" #3

4/12/09          "Man's Supreme Sacrifice"                         "Why They Go Back " #4

4/26/09          "The Second Coming Of Christ"                 "Stephen, A Servant Of Christ"

5/03/09          "A.M."                                                         "P.M."

5/10/09          "The Word Was Made Flesh"                      "Blessings From Studying Scripture"

5/17/09          "Can You Recommend Your Religion?"     "Blessings From Studying Scripture #2"

5/24/09          "The Jerusalem Church"                              "Freedom From Self-Prison" #1

5/31/09          "The Jerusalem Church" #2                          "Freedom From Self-Prison" #2

6/07/09          "The Cross - What Do You See?"                "Freedom From Self-Prison" #3

6/14/09          "The Cross - What Do You See?"                "Freedom From Self-Prison" #4

6/21/09          "How To Honor Christ"                                 "Some Things Cannot Be Proved"

6/28/09          "Some Great Bible Questions"                     "God Always Keeps His Promise"

7/5/09            "Questions Regarding The Church Of Christ"  "The Unmerciful Servant"

7/12/09          "What God Expects"                                     "Hinderances To True Growth"

7/19/09         "Lost Religious People"                                "Questions Answers"

7/26/09        "God's Hedge Row"                                       "Keeping The Church Pure"

8/16/09        "God's Hedge Row" #2                                  "How Are People Made Believers?"

8/23/09        "Building Up The Church Through Love"      "Some Christian Responsibilities"

8/30/09        "How Interested Are You In Christ?                "Some Christian Responsibilities #2"

9/06/09        "How Interested Are You In Christ? #2           "Some Christian Responsibilities #3"

9/13/09        "Seeking A Vital Religion"                             "Phillip The Evangelist" 

9/27/09        "The Teachings Of Men"                              "The Teachings Of Men" #2  

10/25/09      "Are We There Yet?" #1                                "Are We There Yet?" #2

11/08/09      "Within Thine Own Power"                           "Those The Church Needs Most"

11/22/09      "The Christian's Confidence"                        "Why Some Christians Are Miserable"

11/29/09      "The Christian's Confidence" #2                   "Translations Of The Scriptures"

12/06/09      "The Lamb's Book Of Life"                            "Some Responsibilities Toward Other Christians"

12/13/09     "Fact And Fiction About The Birth Of Christ"  "Christian Responsibility"

12/27/09     "One"                                                             "Revival"

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