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01/06/08                "I Am Resolved"                                                  "Trials Of Faith"

01/13/08                "The Purpose Of Preaching"                              "The Burdens Of Life"

01/20/08                "The Purpose Of Preaching" #2                         "Onward Christian Soldiers"

01/27/08                "The Purpose Of Preaching" #3                          "Onward Christian Soldiers" #2

02/10/08                "Could You Say That?"                                      "I Am A Debtor"

02/17/08                "Contributing Factors To Happiness"                   "False Views Of Truth"

02/24/08                "The Christian And Social Drinking"                    "False Views Of Truth" #2

03/02/08                "Building Up The Church" #1                             "That Your Joy May Be Full"

03/09/08                "Building Up The Church" #2                              "How Men Mock God" 

03/16/08               "Regard For The Bible" #1                                  "Regard For The Bible" #2

03/23/08               "The Challenge Of April 6-9"                               "Prices We Pay"

03/30/08                                                                                          "Attitudes Toward Error" #1

04/20/08               "Behold I Thought"                                             "Attitudes Toward Error" #2

04/27/08               "The Danger Of Drifting"                                     "John Mark"

05/04/08               "What God Has Made Crooked"                           "Misconceptions Of The Church"

05/11/08               "How Do You Say "Thank You" To Mother?"        "Misconceptions Of The Church" #2

05/25/08              "Conversion Of A Nobleman"                               "Misconceptions Of The Church" #3

06/08/08               "Worldliness In The Church"                                 "I Won't, I Will, I Can't or I Can-Which?"

06/15/08              "What Should We Believe About God?"                "What Should We Believe About God?" #2

06/22/08               "What Should We Believe About God?" #3           "Can The Saved Fall From Grace?"

06/29/08               "The Message Of John The Baptist"                      "Who Are The Enemies Of Christ?"

07/06/08               "The Message Of John The Baptist" #2                 "What Causes The Church To Fall Away?"

07/13/08               "Freedom Through Christ" #1                               "Freedom Through Christ" #2

07/27/08               "Remember Lot's Wife"                                          "Remember Lot's Wife #2

08/10/08               "What Is The Church?"                                          "Prayer"

08/17/08               "The Church In Prophecy, Preparation And Its Establishment"

08/24/08             "Is The Church A Denomination?"                          "I Am The Root And Offspring Of David, And The Bright     And Morning Star"

08/31/08              "Identifying The Church"                                        "With Jesus On The Mountains"

09/07/08              "Entrance Into Christ's Church"                                "Be Careful How You Walk"

09/14/08              "Organization Of The New Testament Church"       "There Is No New Thing Under The Sun"

09/28/08               "Unity Of The Church"                                            "There Is No New Thing Under The Sun" #2

10/05/08              "The Faith Of The Bible"                                        "Paul, A Man Of Action"

10/19/08              "Living For Christ" #1                                              "Living For Christ" #2

10/26/08              "Living For Christ" #3                                              "Living For Christ" #4

11/02/08              "Living For Christ" #5                                              "Living For Christ" #6

11/16/08              "Let The Bible Speak" #1                                       "Let The Bible Speak" #2

11/23/08              "O Give Thanks Unto The Lord"                              "The Fear And Courage Of Peter"

11/30/08              "How Important Is The Truth?" #1                           "How Important Is The Truth?" #2

12/14/08              "If Christ Had Not Been Born"                                 "Overcoming Anxiety"

12/28/08              "The Power Of Influence"                                      "Partakers Of The Devine Nature"














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