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01/02/00   Blessings, Resolutions, And Weights                                   The Year 2000 And Psalms 122

01/09/00   The Israel Of God                                                               Changes In The Church And Its Worship

01/16/00   Speaking The Truth In Love                                              Love And Benevolence

01/23/00   The Promise Of Heaven Reveals The Love Of God           The Love Of God As Seen In The New Testament

01/30/00   Faith Based On Evidence #1                                              Faith Based On Evidence #2

02/06/00   Misconceptions Of The Church                                            Faith Is A Must

02/13/00   The Work Of The Church                                                    Contend For The Faith

02/20/00   Putting The Kingdom First                                                  Rejection Of Faith

02/27/00   Worship In Truth: Singing And The Lord's Supper               Origin Of Faith

03/05/00   Worship In Truth: Preaching, Praying, And Giving              Justified By Faith

03/12/00   Metaphors Of The Church                                                   Limitations Of Faith

03/19/00   Respect For Bible Authority And The Church                       Law Of Faith

03/26/00   Unity Of The Church                                                            One Faith

04/02/00   Types And Antitypes                                                            Departures From The Faith

04/16/00   God's Mission For The Church Is To Glorify God                 Live And Dead Faith

04/23/00   The Church Is Unique In Its Discipline                                 Faith Works By Love

04/30/00   The Destiny Of The Church                                                 Trying Of Faith

05/14/00   The Bride Of Christ--The Church                                          Walking By Faith

05/28/00   The Church's People: Full Of Faith And Works                     Little Faith

06/04/00   Concerning Preaching Of The Church                                 Great Faith

06/11/00   The Church From Pentecost To Present                               Growing Faith

06/18/00   The Pillar And Ground Of Truth                                           Precious Faith

06/25/00   The New Birth                                                                      Shipwrecked Faith

07/02/00   Instrumental Music And Singing Groups                               Victorious Faith

07/09/00   True Worship And The Children's Bible Hour                        Assurance Of Faith

07/16/00                                                                                                Never So Man Spake

07/23/00   Many Willingly Wear Satan's Blindfold                                 Lessons From The Eyes

07/30/00   Can A Christian Associate With Non-Christians?                    Lessons Learned From Calvary's Cross Of Colors

08/13/00   Seven Wonders Of Hell                                                         Seven Essential "Withouts"

08/20/00   Do Not Be Ignorant Of Satan's Devices                                 The Goliath's David Faced

08/27/00   Shall Not The Judge Of All The Earth Do Right?                  What Doth God Require Of Thee?

09/03/00   Just Preach The Word And Leave Folks Alone                      What Mean Ye By This Service?

09/10/00   Becoming All Things To All Men                                         Humility, Necessary To Run The Christian Race

09/17/00   The Race That Is Set Before Us                                           The Christian Race Demands Patience

09/24/00   Success In Runing The Christian Race                                 Keeping Our Eyes On The Goal

10/01/00   The Problem With Immorality Is Alarming                           Hinderances To Evangelism

10/15/00   The Purchase Price                                                              Faith In Christ

10/22/00                                                                                              God Hath Spoken: Contrasts And Comparisons

10/29/00   Having A Church House Religion                                        Neglecting Salvation

11/05/00   Lack Of Love For One Another                                            Departing From The Living God

11/12/00   The Authority Of The Scriptures                                          The Rest That Remains

11/19/00   Are You Really A Christian?                                                Because Of Unbelief

11/26/00   Three Kinds Of Sinners                                                        The Concept Of Salvation--Part 1

12/03/00   For I Believe God                                                                 The Concept Of Salvation--Part 2

12/10/00   A New Creature In Christ Jesus                                               Obenience

12/17/00  Christ In You: The Hope Of Glory                                         First Principles

12/24/00   Jesus Is Lost And Found                                                       On To Perfection

12/31/00   The Christian's Riches                                                          Things That Accompany Salvation--The Foundation


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