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01/07/01   Daily Service To God                                                       Things That Accompany Salvation And The Application

01/14/01   Pollution To Cry Over                                                       And Fell Away

01/21/01   Innocent Blood                                                                  Important Changes That Have Been Made

01/28/01   Will Jesus Find Us Watching?                                           Three "Let Us" Exhortations

02/04/01   Some Changes Are Essential                                            The Power Of Faith

02/11/01   Example Of Preaching Christ                                            Decisions And Destinies

02/18/01   Christ: The Fulfillment Of Life                                           The Immovable Kingdom

02/25/01   Lessons Learned From Mars Hill                                        Esau Sells His Birthright

03/04/01   Important Questions From The Book Of Job                      The Unchanging Christ

03/18/01   Some Surprises On Judgment Day                                    High Hurdles In Running The Christian Race

03/25/01   Lessons From Gethsemane                                                Listen To The Blood Of Christ

04/08/01   How And What To Preach                                                 Refuse Not Him That Speaketh

04/15/01   Straining Gnats And Swallowing Camels                          Christ And Marriage

04/29/01   A Lost Argument                                                                Five Precious Things

05/13/01   Open Things                                                                     How Far Will You Go With Christ?

05/20/01   God's Call And Man's Refusal                                           The Significance Of The Word "Shall"

05/27/01   The Little Bible                                                                 God Is Our Keeper

06/03/01   Our Last Journey                                                               Heart Searching Questions

06/10/01   If We Miss Heaven                                                             What God Did For David

06/17/01   The Latest News From Heaven                                          Nearer My God To Thee

06/24/01   Learning From Preachers Found In The Bible                  Limiting God

07/01/01   God's Measuring Stick                                                       The Beauty And Tragedy Of The Word "Open"

07/08/01   Bible Fools                                                                        Itching Ears

07/22/01   Different Kinds Of Sinners                                                 The Lord's Day

07/29/01   Thoroughly Furnished                                                       Keeping The Church Saved

08/12/01   The Raising Of Lazarus #1                                               The Raising Of Lazarus #2

08/19/01   Is There Another Sodom In The Making?                         A Table In The Wilderness

08/26/01   Magnifying Christ                                                              The Lord Is At Hand

09/02/01   Brotherly Love                                                                   Overcoming Hatred

09/09/01   The Glorious Bride Of Christ                                              Church Government

09/30/01   The Challenge To Be Separate                                         Are We Going To Give To Anyone Who Asks Of Us?

10/14/01   Church And Kingdom Are One And The Same                  Some Essential "Withouts"

10/21/01   Why Many People Will Be Lost                                          The Psalmist Addresses Happiness

10/28/01   God's Covenant With Man                                                  Great Guilt, Grace, And Gratitude

11/04/01   God Still Rules And Is In Control Of His Creation               The Folly Of Fighting Against God

11/11/01   Christians Who Move                                                          Reasons Why Christ Had To Suffer And Die

11/18/01   The Lord's Supper A Witness                                              Melchizedek, Type Of Christ

11/25/01   Where Art Thou?                                                                A Man After God's Own Heart

12/02/01   How To Understand The Bible Alike                                   It Is Great To Be A Christian

12/09/01   But Who Can Abide The Day Of His Coming?                   What Is That In Thy Hand?

12/16/01   If The Foundatins Be Destroyed...                                       How Long Wilt Thou Sleep, O Sluggard?

12/23/01   Walking By Faith                                                                 It Is Up To You

12/30/01   Have Thine Own Way, Lord                                                Do I Have To Do It?



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