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Date     AM                                                         PM
01/04/04   "Living With Heaven In View"                                       "Don't Be Discouraged"
01/11/04    "Onward Christian Soldiers"                                          "Some Difficult Commandments"
01/18/04    "Why Be A Christian?"                                                 "Why Aren't You A Christian?"
01/25/04    "Predjudice..The Devil's Tool"                                    "Perserverance, Persistence, And Patience"
02/01/04    "Seven Nations Dangerous To The Church"                "Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine"
02/08/04    "Five Reasons Why There Are Not Christians in All Churches"   "The Temptations Of Jesus" #1
02/15/04    "The Voice Of The Son Of God"                                  "The Temptations Of Jesus" #2
02/22/04    "God's Question To Adam And Eve"                           "The Temptations Of Jesus" #3
02/29/04    "Why So Few Will Travel The Narrow Way"                 "Who Killed Jesus Christ?"
03/07/04    "Just One Thing"                                                         "Evidences For God And His Word"
03/14/04    "Seeking And Serving God"                                        "What Visitors Have A Right To Expect"
03/21/04    "Why Denominationalism Is Wrong"(FJWD #1)            "The Way Out Of Religious Division"(FJWD #2)
03/28/04    "Accepting The Call Of The Gospel"(FJWD #3)          "Is Baptism A Necessary Part Of The Gospel?"(FJWD #4)
04/04/04    "Our Standard Of Authority"(FJWD #5)                       "What Many Accept As The Standard Of Authority In Religion"
                                                                                                       (FJWD #6)
04/11/04    "Authority In Religion Is Easily Understood"(FJWD #7)
04/18/04    "Maintaning Unity In The Local Congregation"(FJWD #8)   "Because We Were Baptized"
04/25/04    "The Lord's Invitation To All"                                     "The Virgin Birth Of Christ"
05/02/04    "The Bible Does Not Teach Grace Only" #1               "The Bible Does Not Teach Grace Only" #2
05/09/04    "God's Grand Scheme Of Redemption"                     "Great And Precious Promises"
05/16/04    "Cornelius' Attitude In Conversion"                            "Where The Road Forks"
05/30/04    "The Futility Of Idolatry"                                            "The Work Of The Church"
06/06/04    "In No Position To Ask"                                              "Three Facets Of Forgiveness"
06/13/04    "The Perverted Gospel" #1                                        "The Perverted Gospel" #2
06/20/04    "The Origin Of The Bible"                                         "Can The Church Assist Non-Saints From The Treasury?"
06/27/04    "How Shall We Know The Word Which God Hath Not Spoken?"   "Holy Living"
07/04/04    "Take Heed: God Holds You Accountable"                "The Crown Of Thorns"
07/11/04    "Water Baptism"                                                         "What The Lord Saw In Four Men"
07/18/04    "Who Is On The Lord's Side?"                                    "Who Shall Seperate Us From The Love Of Christ?"
07/25/04    "Despise Ye The Church Of God?"                             "Fret Not Thyself Because Of Evildoers"
08/08/04    "Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit"                         "The Book Of Jude" #1
08/15/04    "Drawing Near To God"                                              "The Book Of Jude" #2
08/22/04    "Ebed-Melech: The Other Ethiopian Eunuch"            "Hezekiah: The Man Who Lived Too Long"
08/29/04    "Does Anyone Have The Right To His Own Religious Belief?"  "Important Lessons From A Postage Stamp"
09/05/04    "I Believe God"                                                          "The Enigma Of The Cross"
09/12/04    "You Don't Have To Be One Of The Wise Men To See.."  "Mephibosheth: An Unlikely Candidate For Grace"
09/19/04    "Challenges Facing The Lord's Church"                     "Lacking: Morality In America" #1
09/26/04    "Have You Been Called Of God?"                              "Moral Issues We Face: Abortion" #2
10/03/04    "Liberty In Religion"                                                  "Moral Issues We Face: Suicide" #3
10/10/04    "An Adequate Covering For Sin"                               "Moral Issues We Face: Euthanasia" #4
10/17/04    "The Nature Of Jesus"                                               "Moral Issues We Face: Alcohol" #5
10/24/04    "The Sin Of Self-Centeredness"                                "Moral Issues We Face: Crime And Capital Punishment" #6
10/31/04    "What Hope Can Do"                                                 "Moral Issues We Face: Divorce" #7
11/07/04    "A Study Of Some Who Followed Jesus"                   "Moral Issues We Face: Fornication" #8
11/14/04    "Learning From David's Prayer And Meditation"        "Moral Issues We Face: Pornography" #9
11/21/04    "Women Are Subordinate In The Church By Devine Decree" "Moral Issues We Face: Homosexuality" #10
11/28/04    "A Sorely Needed Trait: Decisiveness"                       "Moral Issues We Face: Gambling" #11
12/12/04    "Pictures Of Life's Other Side"                                    "Is Thy Talent Thine?"
12/19/04    "A Plea For Christ"                                                      "Be Strong In The Lord"
12/26/04                                                                                       "Promises We Should Believe"






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