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Have You Purposed In Your Heart To ...

They Never Ask Me To Return--Why?

Do You Really Believe God?

For The Month Of February I Will ....

Unscriptural Baptism = No Baptism!

The Greatest Gift...For Troubled Marriages

Facing The "GIANTS" In Our Lives

Churches Of Christ Faithful To The Lord Practice Church Discipline!

Salvation Is An INDIVIDUAL Matter!

How Important Is The Church?

When Is The Last Time You Had An Examination?

Do You Need To Be Re-baptized?

Is The Lord's Church Adrift?

The Christian Support System

How Do You Say "Thank You" To Mother?

"Holy And Reverend Is His Name"

Evangelism-The Heartbeat Of The Lord's Church!

What Hinders Repentance?

"Shall The Enemy Blaspheme Thy Name For Ever?"

Do You Willfully Forsake The Assembly?

Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?

Through Struggles, Strength Is Gained!

Homosexuality-A "Very Grievous" Sin (Gen. 18:20)!

Unity In Diversity Error

In Christ By Baptism

Sprinkling, Pouring Or Immersion, Which?

We Are Already There!

Is Your Heart In The Work Of The Lord?

Some Things You Can Do In Building Up The Lord's Church

Willfully Forsaking The Assembly

What Assembling With The Saints Will Do For You

Does The "Golden Rule" Rule In Your Heart?

Everything Is "Better" About Christianity!

Don't Forget Our 3rd Annual Rowlett Forum!

Will Infants Be Lost In Hell?

There's A Striking Contrast Between....

Hand-Clapping & Singing "Happy Birthday"

"Denominationalism" Threat Against The Church!

Do You Love Christ And His Church?

The Policy Of Many Congregations--Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

Your Attendance Calendar For 2010

Reporting Sins Is Not Repentance!

Shall We "Put Christ Back In Christmas?"

The Salvation Army's Kettle--Pass It Up!

Seperating Fact From Fiction Concerning The Birth Of Christ

Rowlett church of Christ