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Opportunities In 2009

The Purpose Of Baptism

No Miracle On The Hudson!

Super Bowl Party & The Worldly Church!

What About Women Elders, Deacons & Preachers?

Should The Bible Or The Community Be Our Authority?

"What Have They Seen In Thine House?"

Is It Absolutely Essential To Be A Member Of The Church To Be Saved?

"Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue!"

Determination And Our Gospel Meeting

The Key To Building Up The Church-Personal Involvement!

Why Does The Church Exist?

Is All Worship Acceptable Unto God?

A Look At "Legalism"

A Plea To The Wayward

What Makes A Great Gospel Meeting?

Why We Cannot And Will Not Accept Denominational Baptism!

To Christ And The Church Be Loyal And True

How Do You Say "Thank You" To Mother?

Profile Of An Apostate

Parents, Take Heed!

Will 2010 Be "The Year Of The Bible?"

The Problem And Solution Of Unscriptural Marriages And Divorces In The Church

God Has Not & Will Change His Mind About Abortion!

Evolution -- The Big Lie!

"As Goes The Pulpit So Goes The Church!"

The Greatest Freedom Of All -- Freedom Through Christ!

Let's Emphasize What Is Right With The Church!

The Gospel Is God's Power Unto Salvation!

The Solution -- Needed Truth!

How To Face Fiery Trials

Some Things Involved In Becoming A Christian

Does The "Golden Rule" Rule In Your Heart?

Let Us So Speak...

The Restoration Movement

Painless Preaching

Islam, Freedoms Greatest Enemy!

The Church Is Not A Community Service Organization!

Do You Believe In The Lord's Second Coming?

Not A Denomination!

Some Observations Regarding The Jack Evans, Jr./Melvin Sapp Debate

Consequences Of Abandoning Doctrinal Preaching

There Is Just One And Only One Church -- The Church Of Christ!

The Essentiality Of Unity

"Great Communion Sunday"

"In Everything Give Thanks.."

Our Outlook On Those Lost In Sin

God Will NOT Change His Mind!

What Is Christmas All About?

Rowlett church of Christ