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Decisions Are Costly

Selfishness Leads To Worldliness

It Will Make A Difference

Lessons Learned From Nehemiah

The Lord's Supper Is Not To Be Mixed With Social Events

"Come Ye Out"

Understanding The Scriptures

The Lord's Choice In A Church

Can One Have A Relationship With Christ Without Obedience?

Righteous Anger Against The Abuse Of Sacred Matters Is Never Wrong

An Elder Must Be Apt To Retain Members And Their Money [Part 1]

An Elder Must Be Apt To Retain Members And Their Money [Part 2]

"Attracted To Jesus If You Can Just Get Past Christianity"

"Safe Sin" Is The Devil's Lie

Precious, Powerful, And Always Right -- The Gospel!

The Gospel That Saves

The Truth About Repentance

Going To Heaven

The Power Of Faith

Facing Life's Difficulties

The Challenge To Jesus' Authority

"We Cannot Understand The Bible Alike"

Skillman Avenue Chuch Of Christ's Joint Worship Service With Denominations

Let's Have A Pint And Talk About God

"Religion Is Supposed To Be A Bridge, Not A Wedge"

Blind And Deaf But Not Physically Impaired


Mockery Made Of Steps To Salvation

The Spiritual, Physical, And Social Consequences Of Sin

Silent Or Vague Repentance And "Sacred Cows"

Why Should I Believe The Bible?

Bible Baptism

The Book Of James

A Recipe For Failure

Seeing As God Sees

Only The Truth Can Free One From Sin

Ways To Remain Saved

Human Creeds Cannot Be Defended

To Serve The Lord, One Must Follow Him!

Accepting The Fact That There Is Right And Wrong

In The Light Of God's Word

God's Rule Book

Trust Not In Lying Words


The Courage To Speak Out

Consistency -- A Must!

Blurring The Difference Between Right And Wrong

"Brotherhood Politics"

Christmas -- From God Or Man? [Part 1]

Christmas -- From God Or Man? [Part 2]

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